A Story from Old to New...

Eat, Sleep, Code

Transforming yourself to what you are today, was only possible either by your hardwork or your foolishness.

Still remember, the first “Hello World!” example, that was the first time that a computer ever listen to my command, damnnn it was so fascinating. Don’t know what language it was may be C or C++.

Never listened to what was told, always did and untold to any, at times just lost control of what the hell am I doing. Red marks on worksheets, standing outside the class doors, coming late wasn’t the only reason.

Found and got placed early, worked as much better as could, coding was not the only thing that ever excited. “I think this colour would look good, I think this kinda functionality would be better”, client said. “Hey client, if you like so, let me be your tutor why don’t you learn and do it yourself”. Convincing was so much important. The art of selling was just a smart man’s play.

Worked hard, learning, sleepless nights still doing though. Stuck a thought of creating a portfolio website for myself. Let them come to know the works and make some rewards.

Took almost 2 months on this beauty that you’re having a look, feeling this would be a great start to reach out to people with my works. Special thanks to Raghu and Abhi with their hands on this portfolio website and being a part in all the works.

Looking to collaborate with people, who can bring somethings on the table, if you know what am I talking about just DM me here. Let’s make it big.

This would be my first blog or a story, regular blogs coming up soon, don’t forget to leave a comment below, and stay tuned.

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